Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jesus Juice

I am pretty certain that Jesus would have drank this juice:

Friday, April 14, 2006

Red Hands of Salome

Prince Herod was a bad little prince. Although married, while galavanting in Rome, he fell in love and impregnated his neice, Herodias, and took her back to Galilee. (In modern terms, this would probably be a juvenile incest felony, with a kidnapping count to boot.) Even by the lax standards of these bibical bad-boys, Herod was bad. John the Baptist scolded Herod publicly for his adultery.

In one of the earliest examples of the Stockhold Syndrome, Herodias decided to get even with John the Baptist for the reproach.

At Herod's birthday, everyone was drunk.

It is a tragedy of history that the varietal and vintage was not recorded.

Herodias sent in her daughter, Salome, who did a dance for Herod. That must have been some lapdance she gave her ... father. (Yikes...) Herod offered to grant her any gift she wanted. It's not quite clear that Herodias had this completely figured out in advance, but hey its a good, lascivious story, so let's continue....

Salome asked her scheming mother Herodias what wish she should make, and Herodias whispered, "The head of John to Baptist."

Salome dutifully told her Papa, what Mama had suggested. John the Baptist's head was promptly cut off.

Anyway, Salome was likely hot, but Herodias must have been absolutely scorching hot.

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